5 Tips to Keep Your Backyard Safe for Summer Fun

Summer is here — time to break out the grills and swimsuits! 

The backyard BBQ is a summer classic and we’re absolutely here for it. But every year, thousands of Americans are injured from barbecue grills and other home hazards. Without the right precautions, a fun family get together could become memorable for the wrong reasons. We want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. Here are our best tips for ensuring your family stays safe and creates lasting summer memories (the good kind).

How to Stay Safe When Enjoying Backyard Fun

Tip #1: Keep your grill maintained and stationed away from play

Fresh hamburgers are a must-have at any backyard BBQ or family get-together. The right grill placement will help ensure that you enjoy your tasty summer cookout without injuries or damage to property.

  • Keep your grill in good working condition. Always check the hose for leaks, holes, or blockages — especially if you haven’t used it for a while.
  • Cook away from the house. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends keeping your grill at least 10 feet away from your house or other buildings to avoid accidental fires or heat damage.
  • Keep it away from the fun. Ensure your grill stays far away from play areas and distracted children. And make sure there’s always an adult watching a lit grill. 

Tip #2: Watch children around the pool

Have a backyard pool? Before diving in, make sure you’re keeping your family and guests safe with these tips for pool safety

  • Ask your guests how well they swim. Provide flotation devices or life jackets to those who need them.
  • Supervise children — even if they’re strong swimmers. Adults can tag-team so that someone is always watching the young ones when they’re in the water. 
  • Water and alcohol don’t mix. Ensure that guests indulging in your refreshing coolers or gourmet summer cocktails stay dry and firmly on land.

Tip #3: Store gardening gear and power tools

Gardening may be one of life’s great pleasures, but make sure you clean up before your guests arrive. Power tools and gardening supplies can cause injuries if they’re not stored properly.

  • Store supplies when not in use. Ensure lawnmowers, power tools, and even sharp gardening gear like rakes and pruning shears are safely tucked away from curious kids and pets.
  • Keep chemicals out of reach. Do a quick run-through of your garden shed to ensure fertilizers, cleaning solutions and other household chemicals are inaccessible to animals and kids
  • Protective gear is your friend. A good set of gloves and eye protection goes a long way toward ensuring safety when operating power tools or machinery.

Tip #4: Think twice before using pesticides

We all want a beautiful garden backdrop for our Instagram photos, and sometimes that means controlling unwanted plants and pests. But harsh chemicals may prove to be a hazard. If you’re going to use pesticides, consider some of the following advice from the Environmental Protection Agency:

  • Prevention is key. If possible, remove pest habitats. Get rid of standing water, clean up litter and plant debris, and ensure trash is tidily stored away in locked containers.
  • Keep pesticides away from children and pets during application. Ensure they maintain a safe distance until the pesticides have dried. 
  • Always follow the directions. If there’s an accident with pesticides, call your local poison control immediately. 

Tip #5: Secure swings, playgrounds, and trampolines

Trampolines may be the highlight of any backyard BBQ, but they can also be dangerous if not set up properly. Other play structures could also cause injury if they’re not used safely. Follow these tips to keep kids safe while they’re playing.

  • Always supervise play. An adult should be present to make sure kids are playing safe, especially when they’re young. Among other things, parents should ensure that only one child jumps on the trampoline at a time. 
  • Inspect play structures. They could become unstable if they’re not in good condition. For trampolines, make sure padding and nets are properly installed.

Safety Doesn’t Take a Vacation

Summer just isn’t summer without a big dose of backyard fun. Make the most of it! Taking these simple precautions for backyard safety can help ensure that your family get-together or summer party stays light and fun — and everyone leaves as healthy as when they came.

Stay safe out there and enjoy! Reach out to your local Waypoint Insurance Agent with any questions. We’re here for you!