What Is General Liability Insurance?

If you’re like a lot of small business owners, you’re not left with a lot of time to consider the “what ifs” when protecting your business against risks, damage, injuries, or claims. But what if a customer trips in your parking lot or one of your products damages a customer’s property?

That’s where Waypoint Insurance comes in with our ability to provide Commercial General Liability Insurance for your business. Commercial General Liability Insurance can protect your business in the event that a claim is made for bodily harm or property damage.

The following informative video was created by one of our Carriers, Travelers Insurance and explains what is General Liability Insurance and why it is so important to the success and security of a business or organization.

Don’t let the accidents of daily life stop your business operations; get them covered today. Talk to one of our licensed agents about how you can help your business be prepared!

*Coverage cannot be bound, changed, or altered unless confirmed by a licensed agent*